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[14:34] <nineX`> http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=2074239
[14:34] <nineX`> rather
[14:35] <TheMafia> saw a vid of the mod earlier today
[14:36] <nineX`> $$$$$$$$$
[14:36] <TheMafia> i just got two 6950's crossfired, having issues, and im moving....after i got all that solved im willing to give it a shot
[14:37] <TheMafia> heh ya, got a super computer recently
[14:37] <nineX`> dude
[14:37] <TheMafia> ?
[14:37] <nineX`> thats why i'm looking toward q4 now
[14:37] <nineX`> when q4 released nobody had decent computers
[14:37] <nineX`> now the avg computer can run it perfectly
[14:38] <TheMafia> ya, i had shit at the time
[14:38] <nineX`> and when its coded properly
[14:38] <nineX`> actually a decent engine
[14:38] <TheMafia> with promode movement...
[14:38] <nineX`> it has its fuck ups suer
[14:38] <nineX`> yeah
[14:38] <nineX`> i built the promode gametype
[14:38] <TheMafia> gotta admit im kinda excited
[14:38] <TheMafia> how did you build it?
[14:38] <nineX`> i'm a dev on the mod
[14:38] <TheMafia> ya, figured as much....
[14:39] <TheMafia> what language?
[14:39] <nineX`> c++
[14:39] <TheMafia> cool
[14:39] <TheMafia> im gonna learn c++ soon, been holding it off for a while now
[14:39] <TheMafia> im doing asp/php/sql

[14:40] <TheMafia> c++ seems like you get a lot of micro control
[14:40] <TheMafia> whta did you base your gametype on?
[14:40] <TheMafia> cpma?
[14:40] <nineX`> brb
[14:40] <nineX`> potty
[14:40] <TheMafia> lawls
[14:46] <nineX`> lback
[14:47] <nineX`> gametype?
[14:47] <nineX`> you mean the mod overall?
[14:47] <TheMafia> [14:38] <nineX`> i built the promode gametype
[14:47] <nineX`> oh
[14:47] <nineX`> cpm
[14:47] <nineX`> aye
[14:47] <TheMafia> cool
[14:47] <TheMafia> saw the strafing and circle strafin vid
[14:47] <TheMafia> looks clean and similar
[14:47] <TheMafia> that ur doing/
[14:47] <nineX`> yes
[14:47] <TheMafia> nice, way to go
[14:48] <nineX`> q3's potential has been reached
[14:48] <nineX`> the ngine is old and maxed out
[14:48] <nineX`> q4 engine is the natural progression of the game
[14:48] <TheMafia> thats ID for you
[14:48] <TheMafia> i believe it
[14:49] <nineX`> its unatural for id to go back to it for ql
[14:49] <nineX`> leaves the community stale and old
[14:49] <TheMafia> it cost less for them didnt it?
[14:49] <nineX`> hahahhaha
[14:49] <nineX`> ql is a money pit for them
[14:49] <nineX`> they are losing soooooooooo much money
[14:49] <TheMafia> what about things like rocket jumping
[14:49] <TheMafia> it seemed weird in q4
[14:49] <TheMafia> fixed?

[14:49] <nineX`> yeah
[14:49] <nineX`> honestly
[14:49] <nineX`> it feels very close to cpm
[14:49] <TheMafia> q4 didnt seem responsive
[14:49] <TheMafia> oh ya?
[14:50] <nineX`> its impossible to make it feel exactly like it
[14:50] <TheMafia> no doubt
[14:50] <TheMafia> too many things changed
[14:50] <nineX`> q4 uses a different system of measurement
[14:50] <TheMafia> oh
[14:50] <nineX`> so ups in q4 doesnt equal ups in q3
[14:50] <nineX`> and the scaling is a bit off
[14:50] <TheMafia> were you able to adjust?
[14:50] <nineX`> but gpm feels very smooth
[14:50] <nineX`> oh yeah
[14:50] <TheMafia> gpm??
[14:51] <nineX`> the promode gametype in GTR
[14:51] <nineX`> gtr is the mod
[14:51] <nineX`> itself
[14:51] <TheMafia> haha
[14:51] <TheMafia> cool
[14:51] <TheMafia> easy install
[14:51] <TheMafia> i hated the way q4 initiated mods
[14:51] <TheMafia> so crappy
[14:51] <nineX`> honestly
[14:52] <nineX`> i wouldnt have continued work on it
[14:52] <nineX`> if i didnt feel it was a worthy successor to cpma
[14:52] <nineX`> new netcode
[14:52] <nineX`> all new gametypes and modes
[14:52] <nineX`> literally the most customizable mode for any quake out there
[14:53] <TheMafia> votable?
[14:53] <nineX`> tons of gfx, sound, control, player, team, nme settings
[14:53] <TheMafia> ooh
[14:53] <TheMafia> cool
[14:53] <TheMafia> thats always good
[14:53] <TheMafia> i almost returned to cpma recently.....on my new system

[14:53] <TheMafia> but nothing was working right...
[14:54] <TheMafia> crouch slide still present?
[14:55] <nineX`> i was just talking to other devs about that
[14:55] <nineX`> idk whether to leave cslide in gpm or take it out
[14:55] <nineX`> or make it slower
[14:55] <nineX`> it'll stay in for initial release
[14:55] <TheMafia> it wasnt a bad addition in my oppinion.
[14:55] <nineX`> but i will ask community what they think after that
[14:56] <TheMafia> ya i was about to say leave it for a bit
[14:56] <nineX`> but then you get into the discussion
[14:56] <TheMafia> ?
[14:56] <nineX`> is it better to air control move or cslide
[14:56] <TheMafia> air control
[14:56] <TheMafia> !!!
[14:56] <nineX`> yes
[14:56] <nineX`> so then
[14:56] <TheMafia> fuck cslide
[14:56] <TheMafia> :P
[14:56] <nineX`> when is your incentive to air control vs cslide
[14:56] <TheMafia> its good to have both...
[14:57] <nineX`> if they both move you technically the same speed and direction
[14:57] <TheMafia> i played hl2dm for a couple years
[14:57] <nineX`> so thats why i'm leaning towards slowing cslide
[14:57] <TheMafia> and parts of the two elements came together nicely there
[14:57] <TheMafia> although strafing is much less friendly...
[14:57] <TheMafia> i see cslide as a battle element
[14:58] <TheMafia> you can move the same crouched or air'ed and you've just expanded the battlefield
[14:58] <TheMafia> gf
[14:59] <TheMafia> i wouldnt mind seeing how a slowed cslide would feel along side the airC
[14:59] <nineX`> yes
[14:59] <nineX`> exact;y
[14:59] <TheMafia> cool

[15:00] <TheMafia> yo
[15:00] <TheMafia> i gotta get back to work
[15:00] <TheMafia> thanks for the intro