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CPMA CTF Stats - Feb 2005 to May 2015 POV: Th3Mafia

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Ive played CTF for as long as I can remember playing Quake. At one point I felt the need to record everything. Autorecord ftw. This was in 2005, I have kept my quake folder intact since then, including all the stats files from CPMA during that time. I finally found a way to manually parse the stats files and capture only the CTF games, and thus in combination with a player name.
There are two sections to this sheet:
1. Full stats 2005-2015 (2 slots not fully taken and can be replaced)
2. Stats from the point I started attacking only 2012-2015. (I will be ok with replacing up to 5 players from the first section)

The rest is explained in the document.
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