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Planetside 2 Gameplay / In game Samples VOD

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I have started to experiment with video capturing in PlanetSide 2, this resulted in using the OverWolf interface while in game. Unfortunately the default video format is WMV and the quality isnt perfect in order to keep my in game frames per second up. That being said the final settings are watchable, this can be found in the 18min video at the bottom of featured videos below.

I wanted to show only a few features this time around, so there is a mix of some cinematic flights, some driving to battlefields, and me playing the infiltrator class mostly assisting a large friendly force with motion detection.

Twitch to youtube will be my next experiment

Cinematic flight through a part of the Hossin Continent (short, low quality test)
Here i wanted to display the manuverability of the "Reaver" aircraft and show off some of the surroundings and base structures.I suck at flying.

Infiltrator assisting a base attack (short)
This video puts your right in the battle, having just arrived at this location I try asses the battle and assist our army in pushing the enemy defensive position.

Infiltrator outdoors without a sniper rifle (short)
I was testing another setting and it turned into a good example of an outdoor fight as two forces move to the next destination.

Infiltrator fighting along side a huge "zerg" force (long 1.1GB, final watchable quality)
This video is almost 20min long when I fight with the "zerg" ("zerg" is used to describe when a large amount of one army is moving together) forces to take a medium sized complex. The battle rages on!

The rest:

Flight, cinematic from highest altitude
Higher quality run, too low fps to play

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