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TourneyCPM, now TCPM and Mr Lazy Celebrate 2 years running!

TCPM - Celebrates 2 years running! - Nov 2008 - Nov 2010

Thanks to all the admins from the tournaments last year, GREAT SUCCESS!
Thanks to all the players that showed their skills in the competition and especially to those that rose to the top!

Special thanks to:
mikeMartin - who did all the graphical work for the late banner, and the event posters! Excellent work man!
mikeMartin's event banner

Maverick Servers - for his awesome support with servers throughout the world for the tournaments and continuing support there after!

Thanks to....
Masters - Event Operator & Admin

blaze - [Robin Hammaräng of Sweden]
parry - [parry of Northern Ireland]

Admins - Event Administrator

ahxnxa - [Pekka of Funland]
akre - [Ben of England]
fluff - [tom of sweden]
JAMAL - [JAMAL of no ]
lolograde - [Ken Gloeckner of USA]
pan - [chris of germany ]
Sady - [Sady of France]
Varma - [Varma of Finland]

 For their invaluable input and tournament administering, promotions, and facilitation! Could not have done it without you!

Shoutout to lsv for Dj'ing the big events and his great tracks!

 Even though this site is not currently running any tournaments, it doesnt not mean it will not again. The site is slowly transitioning to different gaming and internet related features. The site is rising continually on search engines, recently "mr lazy" results in the site showing up 8th our of a million on google.

At the moment I do not not have a clear direction for the site but im keeping a lot of opportunities open. The system I have developed for facilitating tournaments is powerful but has a lot of room for improvement...and of course if anyone needs to run exclusive and specialized tournaments I will resume work on this engine and keep pushing for better competition!

At the moment im just creating a source for images in comedy and gaming...
check out whats there so far 
general files as well
A summary over at google images

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