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Roach is one of the units that Blizzard plans on improving in efforts to open up the zerg game.

You cannot avoid hearing people complaining about the zerg imbalances, and although its hard to say because there are people for every race that can dominate the others. Fruitdealer in's TG Intel tournament won first place as a zerg and dominated the terran he was facing. But there are trends that tell us zerg may be harder to play then the other races, as blizzard stated in their developers blog recently.

Here are the pro-zerg changes they are tinkering or implementing with currently:

•    We're increasing roach range. This will allow roaches to be more effective in large groups, giving the zerg more options in the mid to end game.

•    Fungal Growth will now prevent Blink, which will give zerg a way to stop endlessly Blinking stalkers which can be very challenging to deal with in large numbers.

•    The Barracks are going to require a Supply Depot, which will impact a lot of early terran reaper pushes.

•    The reaper speed upgrade will require the Factory, which is meant to weaken a lot of the early terran reaper attacks that dominate so many matches, especially in team games.

•    We're making a number of increases to the health of zerg buildings, which will make the very vulnerable zerg technology structures more resistant to raids.  We don't expect these hit point changes to have a super significant impact on the game, but the current numbers felt way too low.

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