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IEM World Championships - Quake Live

My hack to bring the stream over: ESL Quake Live Stream
All the work, and access is denied lol o/


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"Twenty thousand dollars. Thirty-six matches. Twelve players. Four days. That's what the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship will be in a nutshell." - carmac

Thats the first line from the ESReality post by carmac just the other day. While at work I was scannnig irc and picked up a line of chat which triggered my interest. This is a pretty sweet event, gets me pumped for QL. I've not been following the season at all, so this is all new to me, I'll try to compile the imformation here.

Out of the $20,000 pot, here are the top four prizes! Some good incentive for 1st!

1st - $10,000
2nd - $4,000
3rd - $1,600
4th - $800

Judge for yourself, no easily accessed date available. Maybe its not set yet.

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