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Warsow / Quake Update


The Warsow signups are headed in the right direction, a lot of the big names have signed up, but I hope that players of all skills participate!

WSW 1v1 Sign ups Close Feb 14th! - Click here to get on the list
Quake 3:
In other news, the Paramedics have agreed to battle in the exhibition game on Sunday, Feb 15th.

Paramedics line up: xerosawyer (can) bgs (can) skreem (usa) wonko (usa) and dai (jp)
One more team is needed, I think Team Kevegm (mafia, kvcxn, lolograde) or Team OTS (shlt, ninex, apheleon) should be the opponent.

#tourneycpm - Join here and msg mafia if you want your team to play

New Rules have been posted for #uscpmpickup - Click here to read

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