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TCPM CTF Opener '09 Schedule + 1v1 and TDM Announcement

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After a nasty virus attacked my computer and I setup my new system, I returned to irc to be greeted by a bunch of EU Team Captains itching for answer on when the cup would start. After talking to a few of them I decided to start the EU division of TCPM CTF '09 Opener. Here are the details:

TCPM CTF '09 Opener - EU Division Schedule - Rules, Maps, & Team List
May 2nd
Seeding, Brackets, and Map List Finalization
Saturday May 3rd to Wednesday May 6th
Round 1 Match Scheduling Must be finalized
Saturday May 3nd to Wednesday May 9th
Round 1 Match Must be Played
TCPM CTF '09 Opener - NA Division Schedule
Sunday April 26th to Saturday May 2nd
Players that do not have a team yet signup for this list: Free-Agent CPM CTF Player List
Sunday May 3rd to Wednesday May 9th
Remaining active players will be teamed and a captain assigned
Sunday May 10th
NA Map List Release
Upcoming TCPM Tournaments
TCPM 1v1 June '09 - Mid June

TCPM TDM Long Strech - Starts Late June

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