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File Archive Update + pukka3tourney6 Beta1

I wanted to get this a little more out there. I've got a bunch of files, hopefully more to come that I want people to know about.

pukka3t6 recently got released grab it here: - 16MB

Useful Files (Rest are under 'File Archive' in the menu to the left)
Quake 3 Maps: Customs + RA3 Maps + OSP Maps
Reforce: The best refresh rate locker I have encountered, fast and easy to use. Change your resolution in windows to another and back again to solidify the new settings.
QTracker 4.9: A decent and customizable server browser for all games.
All Seeing Eye: My folder copy, good tool for quick game launching. Includes my fav's with all the CPM servers that I have played on. Comes with Remote Server Control.
FlashFXP: Best FTP tool I have found. Good for accessing the FTP accounts that I can setup for you. Just ask me for one, you can find me in #tourneycpm @ QNet (Link at the left hand side)
Users FTP Folders: Last but not least, those that have already got an FTP access are in this section of the File Archive.

I just wanted to let everyone know that if you need a place to host files, such as gaming movies, maps, utilities...anything gaming / computer related, just let me know. Ill be glad to host it.
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