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TCPM $1000 Series - Europe Reborn 2016

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Game: Quake 3 Arena
Game Mod/Mode: CPM 1v1
Sign-ups Begin: Nov 1, 2016 12:00AM
Tournament Begins: Dec 2, 2016 12:00AM


(Subject to minor adjustments until Nov 27, 2016)

Tournament Format
Full double elimination with best of three regular rounds and best of five grand final. Player from upper bracket has 1 point lead in the bo5 gf.

Check in and Schedule
Dec 2, 7pm EST: Brackets open but not mandatory
    You may now play any game you can find. No pressure here yet, as the official check in is...

Dec 3, 12pm - 1pm EST: Check in
    Please get on discord: TCPM Discord ( (you dont need to download this, just click the link). Tell an admin you are there and you will be marked as a contestant and have access to the meeting channel to find your match ups.

Dec 3, 1:30pm EST: Matches are officially on the clock.
    If you miss a match after 1:30pm you will have a loss marked and will move to losers bracket, where you will have another 30 min to make that match.
If you play 3 (maybe 4 if there are a lot of players) of your match ups, you will have until Dec 4, 11am EST to play out your remaining matches (player availability called for this) so that all players are into the quarter finals.
Matches will continue as needed for both NA and EU tournaments until the quarter finals are reached in both winners and losers bracket.

Dec 4, 11pm EST
    All matches missed up to quarter finals will be counted as losses.
Please notify admins if you have to take time away from your matches after you play your minimum required matches.

Dec 4, 12pm EST: Quarter finals for winners and losers begin.
    FIND AN ADMIN OR REF in #contestants to oversee the match ups! 30 min to meet your match or it is a loss, unless a game from the other event goes into overtime, contact admins in this case if they are not present already.

Dec 4, 7pm to 9pm EST: Finals and Grand Finals
    This time may vary, but there are no matches to be played unless and admin has given the go ahead, for streaming and other reasons. Any matches played without an admin will NOT be counted.

Map Pool
cpm3a (wr 15), cpm15 (wr 15), cpm22 (wr 5), eizdm4-b15 (wr 5), pukka3tourney2 (wr 5), cpm1a (wr 5), thct7 (wr 5)

Download Maps here

Map pick
Players call heads or tails and call vote 'random 2' ('cointoss').

BO3: Winner of cointoss chooses who drops the first map. Players will then alternate turns, first dropping 4 maps and then picking 3 maps to be played in order.

BO5: Winner of cointoss chooses who drops the first map. Players will then alternate turns, first dropping 2 maps and then picking 5 maps to be played in order.

Server selection
There will be home court advantage:
TCPM 1k North America Reborn must be played on North American servers UNLESS both parties agree otherwise.
TCPM 1k Europe Reborn must be played on European servers UNLESS both parties agree otherwise.

Any cpma CPMA 1.48 server with standard settings could be used. If players can't agree on suitable server, it is picked by an admin.
Once a player gets ready in-game he accepts the server and its settings as they are.

Results and Scores
Report your score and points to admin! He will move you to the next round or drop you to LB.

In game
Nick: You have to signup under your REAL nickname which has to be the same as your discord one! In game you have to play with the same nick as well!
Admins & Refs: TheMafia, neverGreen, Thump4, ffslight, lolograde, beng
Cvars limits:
rate 25000 +
cl_maxpackets 125 +

For obvious reasons, cheating will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If you are caught cheating in a match setting, you will be disqualified from the tournament.

Cheats include, but are not limited to:
OpenGL and similar driver and texture hacks.
Any type of unauthorized pak editing.
Any mechanism by which information that is not normally available to the player is obtained, such as OGC or any type of eavesdropping.
Nuking, channel takeovers, crashing a match server, or any other form of denial of service.
Simply put, if you think something is wrong or illegal, don't do it.

- tolerated delay of one game is 30 minutes. If one of opponents is missing for more than 30 minutes the one who is in present is getting a default win and will be moved to the next round.
- player has to behave like a human. Any spam or timeouting on purpose or other improper behavior will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification from the qualification.
- every player has to record demos from every game! set /autorecord 1! If admin ask him he provide his demos.
- if there are any concerns about breaking the rules players has to fully cooperate with admins. If not it may result with disqualification from the tournament.
'' gaiia ''

TCPM 1k - EU Reborn 2016
Dec 2, 2016

Official Bracket
'' gaiia ''

TCPM 1k - NA Reborn 2016
Dec 2, 2016

Official Bracket
'' Lo ''

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