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TheMafia: March 1, 2018 - Perma-Link

TourneyCPM $1000 Quake Reborn 2016 Series (TCPM 1k Series)

TourneyCPM is back!
Introducing TourneyCPM′s $1000 Quake Reborn Series! The series will be comprised of two tournaments:

TCPM $1000 Series - North America Reborn 2016
TCPM $1000 Series - Europe Reborn 2016
Series Outline
The prize pool of $1000 will be split evenly into both tournaments. Both tournaments will be open to any international player, and all players can join both. Unless both players agree otherwise, the games will be played on their respective continent for home court advantage. There will be a losers bracket!

Limit 64 players per tournament

Top 16 players from each tournament get their money back or more, so start training and see how far you can make it!

Prize Pool & Entry Fee
Admins & Referees
TCPM $1000 Series - North America Reborn 2016
Admin 1: TheMafia
Admin 2: lolograde
Admin 3: Thump4
TCPM $1000 Series - Europe Reborn 2016
Admin 1: TheMafia
Admin 2: ffslight
Admin 3: neverGreen

Admins play for free! Admins will help decide rules/maps/seeds
If you are interested in an admin position, visit our contact page, find me on the TCPM Discord or message me in #TourneyCPM on IRC
Schedule & Dates
TourneyCPM - Prize pool funding

Maverick Servers and Gaming - Hosting Servers before and during the event.

TourneyCPM Server List
Moonradish - Wand Wars - Wand Wars on Steam - Bonus Prizes
Bogdan ′bgs′ Rybak of Moonradish is providing Bonus Prizes: 10 Wand Wars Keys will be handed out to top 5 contestants in each tournament

More sponsors are welcome, open to suggestion until Mid November
Visit our contact page, find me on the TCPM Discord or message me in #TourneyCPM on IRC
Mike Martin - Designed the new TCPM/TWSW Logos and new theme for the site.

′Chezkey′ - Chezkey SoundCloud - Providing Theme and Intermission Music

Luis ′lsv′ Sastre - Stream Casting and Entertainment
I did not really anticipate this, but a member of the Esreality community already offered to donate, even without intention to play! I will not say no to that, and so im opening the event to donations as of Oct 10, 2016.

Please follow this link if you wish to donate (please notify me anyway you want that you have indeed done so to avoid confusion): Donate here

Thank you in advance to all the donators:
-list of donators will be here-
Prize Pool and Entry Fee
Each tournament will have a $5 CAD (Canadian Dollar) entry fee. Admins play for free! PayPal will be the primary method, but if you are unable to do that, other methods like e-transfers will be accepted. Details will be posted in the registration form.

Prizes as of Oct 9, 2016 (Prizes may added or increased after this date)

Official Streams
Official Stream - I will be hosting the official stream on my twitch channel

Official Stream #2 - Available
Official Stream #3 - Available
Official Stream #4 - Available
These will be advertised with all the TCPM posts/threads. Visit our contact page, find me on the TCPM Discord or message me in #TourneyCPM on IRC

TheMafia: October 9, 2016 - Perma-Link

CPMA CTF Stats - Feb 2005 to May 2015 POV: Th3Mafia

Click for full resolution
Official Source (Last update: March 18, 2016):
Google Docs Copy:

Ive played CTF for as long as I can remember playing Quake. At one point I felt the need to record everything. Autorecord ftw. This was in 2005, I have kept my quake folder intact since then, including all the stats files from CPMA during that time. I finally found a way to manually parse the stats files and capture only the CTF games, and thus in combination with a player name.
There are two sections to this sheet:
1. Full stats 2005-2015 (2 slots not fully taken and can be replaced)
2. Stats from the point I started attacking only 2012-2015. (I will be ok with replacing up to 5 players from the first section)

The rest is explained in the document.
ESReality Thread

TheMafia: March 18, 2016 - Perma-Link

TourneyCPM - CTF Attacker Samples - q3wcp1, q3wcp9 and q3wcp14

ESReality Post

TourneyCPM's CTF Samples (1/3) - q3wcp1 - Position: Attacker (POV: TheMafia)

TourneyCPM's CTF Samples (2/3) - q3wcp9 - Position: Attacker (POV: TheMafia)

TourneyCPM's CTF Samples (3/3) - q3wcp14 - Position: Attacker (POV: TheMafia)

TheMafia: January 19, 2014 - Perma-Link

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