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Special Thanks to qwert for gifting me this game on Steam
TourneyCPM is now hosting a Reflex server in Chicago, you can connect to it from the Reflex console by typing: "connect" ( alternatively it can be found in the server browser within the game, look for "TourneyCPM - Reflex CHI 1/2 []".

There will eventually be a second one at ( but is currently not up, keep an eye on the Server List, it will be listed there once it is up.
About Reflex:
Reflex FPS Official site
Reflex on Steam

TheMafia: December 8, 2014 - Comments

TourneyCPM - CTF Attacker Samples - q3wcp1, q3wcp9 and q3wcp14

ESReality Post

TourneyCPM's CTF Samples (1/3) - q3wcp1 - Position: Attacker (POV: TheMafia)

TourneyCPM's CTF Samples (2/3) - q3wcp9 - Position: Attacker (POV: TheMafia)

TourneyCPM's CTF Samples (3/3) - q3wcp14 - Position: Attacker (POV: TheMafia)

TheMafia: January 19, 2014 - Comments

TCPM's Current State + TeamSpeak Address

Gaming Public TeamSpeak now available

TourneyCPM and are under going changes
Contact TheMafia about partnerships, sponsorships, or hosting solutions @
#TourneyCPM or

Also if you are looking for a Teamspeak server to use we have one going at:
Open to the public, gaming related server, see channel list.

TheMafia: January 30, 2012 - Comments

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